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The first time I witnessed you rock a party was at a 143 event, and I instantly became a fan. Could you give a little background on how your musical selections are influenced, and how you fell into DJing overall?

Oh wow thank you! You also killed your guest set at 143, so same! I grew up in am incredibly mixed home in terms of culture and sound. Mom was a Freestyle dance queen back in the Bronx in her heyday, dad was a Disco loving foreigner straight out of Argentina, step mom was a Samba/Bossa Nova goddess from Brazil, and my older brother was a huge Hip Hop head. There were so many different sounds happening all at once all the time. I was super fortunate to be exposed to it all at such a young age.

As a kid I would play a game with my family where we had to guess the next song the radio DJ was about to mix in. No one actually cared or played with me but I didn't care, I was so fascinated by mixing. By time I was going to clubs and parties (underaged. I'm not proud...but also don't regret it lol), I noticed I was more focused on what the DJ was playing and how he was mixing than what free drink I wanted some cute boy to buy me.

Eventually I started dating a well known Miami DJ and a year into our relationship asked if he'd teach me. I learned on vinyl, jumped on the last hour of his sets here and there. The rest is history babyyyy!

I gave this question to our friend Kyle, so I figured it could be fun to have you answer it as well. You have a ONE SONG set, what do you choose?

Aaliyah- At Your Best


Aside from being Puertorriqueña (going off the IG emoji), you're also Argentinian. Damn, family meals must have been poppin', lol! But we need to know, who makes the best milanesa in LA (besides our mothers of course)?

YO! I have yet to find a good Argentinian spot in LA. A few people have recommended here and there but I honestly don't trust most peoples international food opinions on the west coast TBH. Haha. If you know someone with a sick Latin cuisine resume, link me!

We have a strict No Request rule within our Night Shift parties. We believe that all guests should Trust the DJ. With that being said, can we get a little hint on what to expect on 11.11?

Hmmm... I'm thinking I might get into a baile funk/trap/deep house vibe. I like to read my crowds too so I might switch up the vibe accordingly. :)

How can people become supporters or get in contact?

Mostly through IG. I try my best to read and respond to most of my DM's that I feel connected to or are genuine. The link to my email is also in my bio in case anyone wants to hit me up. I'm currently pretty accessible. I might take off and move to the country side one day though, you never know.

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Interview by SOSA