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           If you have been to Day Shift more than once you probably recognize maryjane. She never misses a single Day Shift and you will probably find her running around Bar Ciudad every time. More than a party goer, she also manages Night Shift’s social media and DJs. We met at Broadcast Coffee and talked about preparing for her sets, moving to New York, and partying at Day Shift.

Catch her set at the next Day Shift on June 18th!

— Interview by Joe Manuel

What do you do to prepare for your DJ sets, and what do you do differently?

I would consider myself to be a newer DJ. For Day Shift, I try to channel the summer very deeply into my soul and I listen to a lot of different music and figure out what sort of vibe I want. So I’m figuring out what my favorite songs are right now, and I think what I'm going to do is prepare a majority of my set. I like to know what the transitions are going to sound like, what song comes after what song just to maintain a sort of energy: grow it, bring it back down, do whatever etc. But then some DJ's will just like go with the vibe of the crowd, and go with them, and I kind of do that sometimes too, but I like to have something prepared, so when I get nervous I can just focus on the thing I've been practicing.

How have you seen DS change over the years?

I don't think it's changed. I think they set out with a pretty clear vision of what they want it to be---and I think this is true for Night Shift too. I'm thinking about DJs right now. They're really comfortable with the Night Shift/Day Shift setting because they can play what they like. And the crowd is flexible enough to vibe with it. Nothing changes, it's just getting better and better. No changes, just improvements, like organizational improvements etc.


What do you do at Night Shift besides DJ?

And prepare for the events through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. It’s great. I get to write something dope about myself. (Laughs)
I also do the Instagram stories, so come find me and hang out and I'll get you in the story!

Funnest person on the Day Shift crew to party with?

Reina. R-E-I-N-A. She is so fun. She's Sosa's partner and she's pretty much at every single Day Shift. We are basically the same person so maybe that's why I think it's hella fun to party with her.


Why are you moving to New York?

I am pursuing my Master of Public Health at Columbia University.


Yeah, it's kinda "flex-y," you know what I mean? (*Laughs)

What are you going to miss about Night Shift?

I'll miss the entire party!

You literally are going to be missing the party haha

Damn, I've been really thinking about that actually. Cause I'm leaving in August, so that's like a solid half of Day Shifts I'm gonna miss. I counted. I'm also going to miss knowing exactly where to go, where I'm going, and knowing landmarks. Also, I’ll miss the people, yeah, everybody.

Top 5 things to do during your last summer here.

1) Go to every single Day Shift that I can.
2) Eat all the good food I can.
3) Go to the Columbia tower, I haven't even done that yet.
4) Just kick it.
5) My birthday is July 30th, which is a Day Shift too, so I'm definitely doing that for my birthday.

 maryjane will be on the decks at Day Shift on June 18! Click here for more info about the upcoming event. Psst... Skip-the-Line tickets! :)


EMECKS | That's My DJ

EMECKS | That's My DJ

AZUKI | That's My DJ

AZUKI | That's My DJ