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You played our very first appearance in LA, almost a year ago to the date. This year, you're back and setting it off on a b2b set with our good friend Eddie Bermuda. Can you give us a little background on how fire this set will be, and the playing dynamic between you two?

I’m super excited for Eddie and me to go b2b! He’s one of my best friends out here and one of the first friends I ever really made once I moved from Chicago two years ago. Eddie and I have DJ’d on so many lineups together that it just made sense for us to go b2b for Night Shift. His energy is always on another level and you can tell it his audience feeds off of it. We both have a very similar idea of what makes a good DJ set so I’m really looking forward to us spinning together.

I think we could both agree that great music is dropping at an alarming rate. Could you give us an idea of what track is currently dominating your DJ crate?

Yeah, most definitely. Sometimes it can be overwhelming at how fast music drops, but it’s also refreshing cause you end up finding about songs in so many different ways and times. Since premiere culture and certain music channels we all used to get told what to like are obsolete, new music finds you in any and every way now. A current track I love throwing into my sets is that new  Cyhi The Prynce and Kanye song “Dat Side”. All the haters stand on dat side *finger pointing emoji*.


Can you give the people a bit of background on how Kyle Woods came to be the amazing DJ that he is? (we're fans if you couldn't tell)

I began collecting music ever since I understood the concept of owning music. The first CD I ever bought was the Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men single “One Sweet Day”, which still knocks. I was around 7 years old then and have never stopped. About 10 years later when I was in high school, I went to a music festival in Los Angeles and saw the first professional DJ: Steve Aoki. Seeing him DJ and dance on stage, I immediately viewed the craft as just presenting your music collection to an audience in the way you feel it should be curated. And being the kid who made mixtapes for any person who’d listen, I was sold on pursuing a DJ career. Side: I totally understand saying Steve Aoki changed my life is very lol, but it was 2007 so you know it was tight. I then moved to Chicago at the end of that year and hit the ground running. I interned for DJ crews, worked at nightclubs, and threw parties in my dorm. The bar is set very high in Chicago when it comes to DJing so I really owe a lot of my skill to that city.

Night Shift has an amazing following (we love all of you). We have supporters who have booked flights to attend the upcoming party on 11.11. Since you have a bit of experience navigating these streets, could you give the folks some recommendations on your favorite food spots, coffee shops, and pressed juice bars? That's a trending thing in LA, right? Or has that died out? Lol.

Lol I have yet to check out a pressed juice bar, but I feel like those will never die in LA. As far as coffee goes, I’m gonna give a shout out to Go Get Em Tiger on Hollywood Blvd. One of my favorite spots for coffee. Then head to HomeState next door for some amazing Tex Mex and, specifically, the Queso Dip. I’m also a big fan of going to Lassens in Echo Park, getting a sandwich from the deli and sitting out near the Lake a couple blocks down.


Okay, so we asked about the dominating track in your crate. BUT, you've been asked to play a ONE SONG set, which track do you choose?

UGK feat. Outkast - Int’l Players Anthem

You hold a few different residencies in the Los Angeles area. What are some of those in case people want to catch you out and about?

Aside from my residency with Saint Heron which takes to places like New Orleans, Miami, and New York, I’m currently the Saturday night resident for the Silver Lake bar Tenants of the Trees. You can catch me there every weekend, as long as I’m not out of town for a gig.

Catch Kyle this weekend at Night Shift LAX and keep up with him on:
Instagram -- @_kywo
Sound Cloud -- kywo_kywo

Interview by REINA LEILANI



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TOPSPIN | That's My DJ