EMECKS | That's My DJ

Emecks is this week’s feature for That’s my DJ, as we talk about party tricks, Big Mario’s Pizza, how she came into DJing, and the meaning behind her name.


If you have been to Day Shift more than once you probably recognize maryjane. She never misses a single Day Shift and you will probably find her running around Bar Ciudad every time. More than a party goer, she also manages Night Shift’s social media and DJs.

AZUKI | That's My DJ

From people who have been in the scene for years, to younger DJs spinning their first set. Night Shift cultivates an experience from all backgrounds. Although a newcomer to DJing, AZUKI is killing it. She talks about her favorite summer things, her experience entering the scene, and being a younger DJ.

SOSA | That's My DJ

What better way to kick off our first “Stories” interview with none other than, DJ Sosa, the co-founder of Night Shift. He will be spinning at the first Day Shift on June 4th at Bar Ciudad.